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Monday, October 14, 2013

2:51AM - It Lives Again!

Well, much to catch up with. DD is back up now as Theduckwebcomics, Edmonton comic and entertainment expo was excellent, though I didn't manage to escape the table to actually go looking around. I did both a crown braid and bunny ears with my hair. Hmm, for those of you who are going to be in Calgary for the end of this month, you should consider going to Zombie Survival Training. I have an appointment with the make up woman to get my face cast this year so I get a full on mask instead of just pieces. The Zombie Bride shall walk again! Anyway, you can buy tickets at the door or they are available at Laserquest, Another Dimension Comics, Videogame Traders or by calling 403-993-0159. It will once again be held at Laserquest, on Wednesday October 30th, 7-10pm. There is also awesome swag and prizes.
Anyway, as this is an Art Blog now, the updated sketchbook can be found at. http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Insomniart/5441851/ That is start of the latest string of updates, one a day and two on the weekend days. Well, at least for the next thirty or so. Then it will be going back to a MWF with catching up done on the weekends. I just feel like a lot needs to go up after all this fuss with it being down for so long. I also have my next two posts planned out, so there shall be less delay on further journal updates. I think maybe I need to set specific days though so I have a schedule. It is too easy to just put this off for another day as is.
Don't worry about the sketch book coming back up online, you will still get art here before it goes into Insomniart. If I get really on the ball, then you will get art here every week, or even twice a week that the sketch book will probably be at least a couple weeks behind.
Anyway, enough rambling for now, I shall type to you again in a few days.
- Lisa

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

8:10AM - White Hart

I always did like the story of the White Hart I read as a child. I don't really do lots of real life animals, so I am rather fond of this painting. And as DD was still in a snit when I last checked it, you will have to go to my dev-art to see this one. Thank goodness for the internet and the many many places where one can put pictures online. I was hoping that if I waited long enough DD would be back up and running, but I need to keep doing things while I wait. The link will be at the bottom of this post.
Well, in other news, I leave for Edmonton in two days. I will not have my own table, I am working for some one else, but feel free to stop by the MTCToys t-shirt booth and take a gander at the many fine and pretty things. I will be the brunette with the crazy hair. Though I have yet to decide what I shall do each day, meatballs or rabbit ears are likely choices. Or maybe a crown braid, we will see.
Once I have a bit of money that isn't already designated to cover something like dentist appointments or new tires then I will consider getting a table at a smaller con. I don't believe I am in demand enough yet to do either the CCEE or the ECEE. Maybe Fur-eh three or four. But it is nice to attend one and not work it. Always good to have plans. Maybe once I can prove that I can make money at a little convention I will try my hand at larger ones. Well, once again things for future Lisa to deal with.
On another note. I was asked by people why I chose to make my sig what it is. Well, I am always sad when I find an artist I like and their sig is not legible enough to google them and find more of their work. So, L.J. for my initials, and Karthara for the moniker I have been using since highschool. I really need to get around linking all my stuff together though. As of this moment my you-tube channel is the first item to pop up in google, and below someones facebook page is my dev-art. So I think if some one saw my work and googled me, they would probably be able to find more and a means to contact me. Which is the point of putting your stuff online in the first place. That and my last name would be a pain to sign. Less so if I did it in pen, but paint is more work making legible letters.
Anyway, I have many things to do and I have yet to sleep. Again with that silly not sleeping. I should get that looked at.


- Lisa

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Monday, September 9, 2013

5:27AM - Tree

Hmm, did I ever mention the fact that I occasionally suffer from insomnia? Well, it is quarter after five in the morning at the moment and I am still awake. So, as DD is still down, have a pretty picture of a tree. Done in acrylics on canvas board.
 photo Tree.jpg
I am bad and don't often gesso the boards I am going to work on. Thus you can see the canvas texture in the background. I think I am going to stop dating my work on the front though. I was slowly working my way through the backlog of Christopher Burdett's blog and he made an interesting point. If you want to put something in your portfolio, even if it is a little old, if it has a date on it then people will think poorly of you putting old artwork in there. Not putting a date on the front allows me to cheat on my future portfolio for keeping pieces that ended up being good. I need to completely redo mine from scratch, but that matters little to future Lisa who will want the very best things she has done in it, not just the best things she has done in the past year.
Anyway, I think I shall go lay down and pretend to sleep... At least for a couple of hours. Maybe I will trick my body into some actual sleep.
- Lisa

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Friday, September 6, 2013

1:35PM - Hmm...

Well now, this is making me feel like I am being really sketchy and this time it isn't my fault. DD is still down. Or down again and I missed the little window? Anyway, here is something I have not even put up there yet. These are the first tests of the backs of the pendants, though this seems like it will take too long to do this way. So I think I shall have to get some lino and one of those carving tools. Make some stamps, do some multi layer things for the backs. But if I got it worked out these would be two stamps and some detailing, or four stamps and even less detailing. I get really carried away with details some times, but I love doing them. Anyway, lets see if I can remember how to link pictures to this thing.

Karthara Pendant Backs photo Pendantbacks.jpg

Now, lets hope that isn't a downright mess. We will see shortly. I do have about ten more things to scan to add to the pile for insomniart once it is up again. Hopefully not too much longer.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

1:13AM - Art and Family

Well now, this has really been some hangover for DD. I will be out and about for the next few days, so I will try again on Monday or Tuesday. I have gotten several more background images done, though I don't think I will be uploading all of them to DD, maybe just my favorites.
I also got some painting done with my niece, and we went to the Calgary tower. That was pretty sweet. Despite knowing that the glass is super thick and wouldn't ever drop you, it still makes your stomach churn to stand on that clear surface without holding onto the rail. Intellectually I know they stand a horse with rider on it every stampede, but still.
Well, not much else going on, so I will post again in a few days. Hopefully with some art you can see.
- Lisa

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Monday, August 26, 2013

1:45PM - Still...

Well, DD is still down. I was going to go and put some more stuff up. My notes say I am good until wednesday... Which means I had stuff that was supposed to go up today with the auto updater... Well, I will be doing family stuff today and tomorrow, so we will see when on wednesday I will be getting home to update, and if DD is ready to do anything yet. When it is working it makes for a wonderful sketchbook. In other news, I have a couple new things up on FA. I have to laugh at myself because I was working on a character for about three hours, decided I made enough progress to update the customer, and just as I was about to post it I realized that I had forgotten to flip the picture before starting to shade. Oops. Always double check things. And often triple check things. Well, it was a good use for practicing. And I got some playing in for metal that if I put some more work into could look quite nice. I'll throw a link in at the bottom. I really need to sit down with this and refigure out what all the html commands are so I can start doing this linking thing properly.
- Lisa

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

3:56PM - Edmonton in a month!

So, a pile of stuff is scanned and now I shall get to chopping them up and resizing and such. The scanner works with the new computer. The duck is still down, but that sort of thing happens. Oh, exciting news. I will be at the Edmonton expo next month. I will be working for some one else, but I will be there. If you want to stop at the Mtctoys booth and check out their awesome t-shirts, I would be happy to chat a bit. I'll probably be working in the corner with the girl cut shirts.
Not a whole lot else going on, I need to sit down and get some drawing time in. Once I feel I actually have something worth selling then maybe I will consider getting my own table, but there is a certain amount of profit I will need to think I can make before I do such a thing. Or I might just have to get tables at things other than the two I work for Mtctoys. Eh, that is something for future Lisa to think about.
Anyway, once DD is working once again I will be putting a couple of the things I have been playing with for the backs of the pendants up. Unfortunately hand painting them isn't working, and I have been having some issues with making stamps. The last one dried funny and the surface that was supposed to be a flat stamp ended up concave. Well, I can always go get a little chunk of lino and carve it up, I was just trying to do it with materials I already had on hand.
Well, I am off for now.
- Lisa

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Monday, August 19, 2013

8:34AM - New compy.

So, my S.O. got a computer from his guy at work. Which means it had some stuff on it that needed to be removed. And now I have to check and see that it isn't broken now that we got the useless software off of it. But once I do that all should be well and I can start scanning.
But of course once one thing is fixed another is broken, so drunkduck seems to be having issues once again. Well, I guess I should be calling it 'The Duck' now, but that seems silly to me. I'll have to check it again later today.
Well, the argument for comic dish is getting stronger for my next online comic. Well, in all fairness I will probably put it on both.
Got in some talk with one of the other artists I am working with. Finding ways to blend two artists work in a comic is bringing up some interesting problems. Like who draws what? She is better at humans, I love drawing monsters. But our most recent topic of conversation has been backgrounds. I do swirly ink drawings, and it doesn't take much to take the rules I use for that and apply them to drawing trees. So long as all we want is dead winter trees. She has suggested having me scan those drawings, and then having her add leaves to them with markers. I am excited.
We will have to see how they turn out. There is a drawing day coalescing but not quite settled for some time this week. Possibly even today, or maybe wednesday. You know how these things go.
Well, I think I might poke at this computer now and see what might be broken. I'll see peoples later this week some time.
- Lisa

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

10:11AM - Dusting Things Off

Well, this should all be tidy for the new use I am putting it towards. Welcome to my 'new' journal where I will be discussing my artwork. So, if you head on over to insomniart you will see new updates there. I have changed it to a MWF update schedule so it will be easier to catch up with. Catching up still done on weekends.
With one computer bricked, I will be having to find alternate ways to scan my work. Or try once again to get my scanner to work with this comp. That might be todays project. Then I could scan the 20 odd sketches that are waiting. Well, sketches and tiny paintings. Due to issues with my phone I don't have pictures of two of the better mini paintings I have done, oh well. I am pretty sure I can get one of them again. They both ended up as gifts for people. But the phone is all fixed now, so all is good.
Other projects, I have about 25 pendants prepped. Now just to fill, pour, and back. Oh, and put jump rings in. I must test the stamp I made. Hmm, maybe I will sit and put in those rings for a while. It would be a good thing to do while I read things. Once I have these things worked out and I know they work I will be filling requests. Once I get the sizing sorted for my moulds then I can do that grey dappled unicorn. Well, and get a printer working and with ink. Well, I can work around that if need be.
Well, I guess that is enough for now. I have not really thought of an update schedule for this, but two or three times a week would probably be doable.
- Lisa

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